The "T" Word

Hello to all in parenting world!  I’m pleased you’ve decided to spend a little time with me in your otherwise hectic day.  Please don’t think this ever gets lost to me.  Your time is very appreciated.  I also want to throw out a quick thanks to those who have tweeted and “liked” my posts.  (The two buttons on the right above the blog on the left)  Sharing my material is a high compliment.

Today’s post deals with a topic which may be a bit secretive.  Please understand that no matter where you live, my assertion will need to be checked because things might be different in your area.

There is a lot of talk nationally about education and kids not being able to read upon graduation.  How a kid can earn a diploma and not read on grade level is beyond me.  There is a fault to go around but there is another solution outside of parents and the schools. The solution and unspoken “T” word is……… tutoring.

To some of us, tutoring may seem like an obvious answer for children who need it academically but I’d like to share a story about a former student.  This incident occurred in a public school.  No names will be released but I stand by the facts.  By the way, if your child attends a private school, this story will not apply to your child because they operative under a separate set of procedures.

One day I was talking to an “authority figure” in my school.  I mentioned how a student of mine would catch up quicker to their peers if he/she had some tutoring help.  Upon hearing this, I was asked by this authority figure whether I had said anything to the parents.  I replied “No” but conferences were around the corner so I would probably say something then.

The reply I received from the authority figure surprised me.   I was told specifically not to say anything about tutoring.  The reason was because if I were to do that, the school in which I was employed would be forced to pay for it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand on a macro level why I couldn’t recommend tutoring.  If all teachers did that with students who needed it, the school would literally run out of funds.  But, there was another side to this.  I knew of a way to help a child get the boost they needed but couldn’t say a thing.  I can honestly say that to this day, the story haunts me a bit.

The point to this story is though tutoring may help a child with their educational future, you weren’t going to hear those words come out of my mouth.  That makes it all the more important that you keep your finger on the pulse of your child’s education.  In order for you to see whether what I am saying is true, it’s probably best to contact the board of education in your area.

Friday will be my next blog entry.  I hope to have you back.  Until then, please give your children a big hug, spend some quality time with them, stay on top of their education, and love them unconditionally.


  1. Mary says:

    Wow that's crazy my dd's teacher offered it for her she's a junior and has fallen behind not just b/c of not getting it but she's depressed. She lost a sis in Sept.10 they went to the same school and it's just so hard for her mentally to focus :/
    I really like your last statement :) TFS

  2. This was your comment from 3 days ago: “Found you through the hop and following on Networked Blogs.”

    I went to YOUR blog and left this comment: “I’m following you back on Networked Blogs….I [also] liked, tweeted, shared on facebook and stumbled your post.”

    You didn’t tell me you were following me on twitter. I’m sorry it didn’t occur to me to do that, but you have no twitter button on your blog. If you did, I might have added that to the other five things I did…

    Have a nice day. :)

  3. Kimberly says:

    I always thought parents paid for the tutors. Although I had one in high school do due illness (missed 3 months of school then could only go half-days for a while)- and I don't think we paid for it. It was actually my science teacher from my school- he'd come help me with math ans science… I digress…

    I have a finger on the pulse of my children's education. I homeschool them. and the whole diploma thing is coming up- 'what and how that will happen ' has been on my mind

    (I found you thorough a blog hop that I have not joined…yet..)

  4. Raven says:

    Our school offers tutoring for any kids having problems. I guess its all depending on the area on what resources are available. Thanks for coming by and following. I'm returning the favor. Have a great Thursday!