How's That Working Out?

Hello to everyone!  Today’s post is going to attempt to separate you from the parenting pack.  Because we all have a little political correctness in us, few of us would like to acknowledge a fact about parenting.  Some of us are simply better than others.  I’ve always thought the proof of parenting skills could be found within the child.  I’d argue, for example, the parent who helped place 6 kids into Harvard did things differently than the parent who has 6 kids in prison.

The inspiration for this post came from my wife over the weekend,  She took a muscle conditioning class from Danielle at our local YMCA.  To sum up Danielle, she is ripped!  I’ve had a 300 lbs. bench press, can burn 900+ calories on an elliptical trainer in 65 minutes, and run for miles (though I’d rather not).   But I’ve never come remotely close to having the muscles Danielle has.  I don’t make excuses.  The truth is she is better than me in the art of body sculpting.  She’s more dedicated, consistent, and serious than I’ve ever been.  That why she has the muscles she has and I….. (better stick to writing)

The main key to becoming a better parent is knowledge.  A lot of us either have learned from our own parents or make it up as we go.  The truth is though there are terrific resources which help anyone become better at this very important job.  There are parenting books, magazines, and websites that are chalked full of information.

For those of us who aren’t readers (better fake it in front of your kids) there are web chats, church groups, and of course- our own friends whom we can bounce ideas.

The other part of becoming a better parent is WANTING to become a better parent.  It’s keeping an open mind.  Use the ideas that you like.  Discard the ones you don’t.  But be open to all of them!  Honestly, what makes any parent think they can’t improve?  Are any of you that pompous?  I doubt it or you wouldn’t be at this site reading right now.

Because I’m not a “do as I say- not as I do person,” here’s what I do to get a little better.   I can honestly tell you that with all my experience with kids, I still read daily.  I like to read other people’s blogs, magazines, and newspaper articles (especially the ones that discuss school related issues).  I also bounce ideas off my wife and love to reflect on the good and bad things that happened with my kids.

There are two things certain in my mind when it comes to parenting.

1.  I’m really good at it.

2.  I have a lot more to learn.

I want to be on the cutting edge while staying grounded with ideas my family instilled in me.  I want to be the guy who others look toward when problems are happening.  In the end, the only way of accomplishing the goal is to work at it like I would a career, marriage, or other endeavor in life.  I want to be the Danielle of parenting.

As I’m finishing this article, my youngest just asked, “Do you want to play ball with me?”  Time for me to leave you guys and be a better parent.

Please don’t forget to pass this along to other parents if you liked the post and I’ll see you Friday!


  1. A quote to share ♥ Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known…

  2. Nice post brother! I learn what I'm doing right and wrong on a daily basis. We should never close our minds to new or old ideas as parents!

  3. Miss Rosie says:

    new follower

    Glad to see this. I have a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old… and I wanna pull my hair out every day!

  4. Pamela says:

    Now that I am a grandmother it's easy to give advice. :-) I'd say read, read, read and be consistant. Worked with mine and I can see it working in my grandchildren. I'm happy to know about this resource to recommend.

  5. Hi there! Found your blog through some hop or other.

    I agree. Some people are just better parents. And I think more than anything else, it has to do with wanting to get to know your kids. As people, not just as reflections of yourself. I feel like having an active conversation with them (even if they're pre-verbal) forces you to acknowledge their individual needs, and to meet them.

    Sure, there are resources than can help, but it's mostly about treating kids like people. And I think for the most part bad parents just don't treat their kids like people.

  6. Mary says:

    I am actually going to take a class I've raised 3 teens and still have 3 under 8 to raise I feel like I've missed out alot and learn from the older one's what I can do different w/the lil one's so it's actually motivated me to take a class 😐 Great post!

  7. Gary Taylor says:

    What if I dissent, maybe demure? Just a little. Getting more info/knowledge is further down the "Essentials" scale. I say it's "heart." Now a grandfather (and like you, a really good one) with a soninlaw therapist (now THAT is a body of knowledge!), all the knowledge from experience and the data and info we share (I helped him write his thesis) leaves a gap. Can only be filled with heart. Passion is required, that's heart. Deliberate, organized intentionality may sound like knowledge; no, it's heart that is the fuel source for the challenges of building a legacy of good and godly children to withstand the hard, possibly dark, times ahead. Which is why I should be writing my own book instead of blogging (today is max write day, Generational Fathering). Which is also why I'm pasting this to OneNotes to include "head vs. heart" in my book, maybe my blog (which is

  8. I try not to be : A do as I say- not as I do person but sometimes it is hard!!!
    I think parenting is always about giving the best of what you can and following your instincts. Loved reading your post!!
    Thank you for linking up to Alexa Hop.

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