Sympathy versus Doing the Right Thing

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Today’s post is meant to teach a lesson that could have blinded me in one eye. I hope you can learn something from one of my most disastrous mistakes working with children.

Two or three years ago, I took my eldest child to the doctor for a checkup and a couple of shots.  I do not like needles in the least and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the appointment.  When the time came for my child to receive his shots, he was uncooperative to say the least.

The nurse practitioner asked me to hold him.  Normally, this would not have been a problem.  But, I felt a little sorry for him.  Imagine my child was face down on a table with me on top of him holding his arms to his side.  Why this position was chosen escapes me.  Somehow, he wrestled one of his arms free and was able to grab the needle from the nurse practitioner (don’t ask me how) though I didn’t know it immediately.

In an instant, the needle my child was holding came directly towards me.  In the nick of time, I secured his arm centimeters from my right eye only to find the needle in his hand.  I couldn’t believe what had nearly happened.  I left the doctor’s office more shaken than my child.

There are times we are sympathetic towards children because what they are doing may be tough.  Most parents do not want to see their children in pain but some don’t want to see them struggle at all.

The proper thing for me to have done at the doctor’s office was to stay focused, realize the pain would only be temporary, and understand they were only trying to help my child.  Sometimes, I remind myself of that story when I see my kid struggling with his academic work or when I am disciplining him.  Showing sympathy can be a good thing.  Showing too much sympathy is not so good.  It’s up to each parent to determine where that line in the sand is located.

Have a terrific week.  My next post will be on Friday.    Please pass today’s blog along to someone if you liked it.


  1. Terri says:

    Very nice post, I too will remember what almost happen to you the next time my grand daughter has to get another shot.

  2. Ready Or Not says:

    That is crazy! I would have totally freaked out! I like the positive message in your blog. Stopping by from the Wednesday Window.

  3. Michelle says:

    Clayton were you adopted??