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Parenting Resolutions for 2012

Have you ever heard of a parenting New Year’s resolution?  It’s not the first resolution a person usually has- is it?  There are plenty of resolutions involving weight, time, and perhaps income.  But, I seldom hear of resolutions people want to focus on concerning their children.  Today’s post will focus on a couple of things.  The first focus is ideas for parental resolutions.  The second is the most effective strategy to implement any resolution.

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A Note of Christmas Thanks

This post is a note of thanks for everyone who has visited, referred others, and commented on my blog this year.  I hope you have been able to use the parenting tools I have given you to foster a peaceful and loving home.

St. Josephs Children’s Home in Louisville, KY was the place I learned most of the crucial lessons I talk about in my book (Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures) and blog.  St. Joseph’s serves many people.  But, the part I worked in focused on children who had been placed there because their parents had lost their parental rights ( as judged by the courts).  My job was to help rehabilitate the children to the point where they could be placed in a loving foster home or better yet; an adoption setting.

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Communication with Young Children

Communication with a child is one of the real keys of raising him/her in a respectful, smart, and disciplined manner.  It’s also important to start these keys while a child is young.  In this case, I am describing a young child as being between the ages of 2 and 5 years of age.  The longer ineffective communication is allowed in the home, the harder it is to reel them back in during times of trouble.  Here are some of the strategies and how they work.

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Applying Discipline

Many parents I talk to want to know my “smoking gun” of discipline.  They are interested in finding out how I have made very difficult children behave in such a pleasant manner.  No one is perfect with children and I’ve had moments when I wish I would have done things a little better.  Overall though, I work well with difficult children.  Today, I’m going to give you some insight on how I accomplish this.

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3 D's of Discipline

Have you ever noticed that parenting can be a lot like a roller coaster?  Sometimes, you are flying high after your child achieves a milestone and sometimes you feel like you’re going to “lose your lunch” based on something your child has done.  Today’s post is meant to assist parents when times are tough with a child and effective discipline is in order.

Many times, parents feel the low points when their child has misbehaved and it is time to implement some discipline.  The shock of the misbehavior may be enough for some of us.  Others though have an even harder time because it’s difficult to implement discipline in such a way as to educate versus retaliate.  It’s with this in mind that I’ve come up with three D’s you should remember when disciplining your child.

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