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The Achievement Gap

This is one of those controversial topics where people in power tread lightly.  Why is there an achievement gap?  What can be done to turn it around?  No matter where you live, I am sure this is a serious topic of conversation. Unfortunately, I can’t give you all the answers.  Regardless, here are some things I couldn’t tell you when I was a teacher but can share with you now.

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Teachable Moments

Good early morning to all!  Have you ever had an idea so obvious- you felt like you were slapped in the face with it?Yesterday- that’s exactly what happened to me.  The idea for this article came from the sky- literally!  Once it hit me, I knew what I wanted to write.  What you will find inside is a real key to education seldom discussed.

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Underlying Problems

St. Joseph Children’s Home was the place where I learned many of skills pertaining to how to work with difficult children.  There were certain house parents who did a great job with these children and others who struggled.  I worked hard to learn from the best.  It is my intent in the article to give you an inside look at a parenting strategy used.  One of the tricks to dealing with misbehavior is to find and correct as many underlying problems as possible.  When this is accomplished , a parent will either reduce the size and scope of the problem or eliminate it.

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