A Passionate Plea for a Teacher—TO TEACH

I think most of us know that (nationally speaking) there are a lot of problems with high school education.  There is a disconnect at certain schools.  Some students do not want to learn due to a poor attitude.  It also could be a lack of understanding of why the material they are learning is relevant.  There are also teachers who get frustrated because of student attitudes.  This sometimes can hamper teaching efforts.  But, the situation I am placing the spotlight on is different.  Teachers should be wise to assume that every child has a camera phone.  One child captured a 90 second rant from a student named Jeff Bliss like something you have probably never heard.Student’s Plea

Seeing this student on video who is frustrated because he wants to learn really strikes a chord.  Most of the time, the apathy stems from students who do not want to be in the classroom!  The video speaks for itself but there were a couple of things I noticed that are perhaps not as obvious to the casual viewer.

The first is that if you look in front of the teacher’s desk, there is a child who appears to be asleep.  How can this be allowed in any high school classroom?  This fact alone lends some credibility to Bliss’s claim.  I guess this particular student “hasn’t had his heart touched.”

The second thing is that the teacher was sitting behind her desk the entire time.  When I was a teacher, the coldest seat in the classroom was mine because my backside was seldom there.  I don’t think high school students are a lot different than elementary students (who I taught) in the sense that many of them want to be engaged.  While packets of work are sometimes appropriate; this student seems to imply that this is the primary form of teaching from this educator.

The third thing is that while I realize that this student was out of line, does anyone think I would be writing about this or that anyone would be listening had this video not gone viral?  As the old saying goes, “you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet.”

Here is a final point on a personal level.  I disliked all History classes until college.  That was when I had a teacher named Bob Phaadt.  He was engaging and told his classes about historical events like stories.  I took lots of notes, paid attention from the beginning until the end of class,  and never had a packet to fill out.  To this day, I love learning about history and Mr. Phaadt was the key which started my “learning ignition.”  I only hope that Jeff Bliss can someday meet a teacher like Bob Phaadt in whatever he studies.

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