About the Book

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures is set for distribution.  Thanks to all who have supported me in this journey.  The book is available NOW through LULU.

The list price is $15.99 for the paperback version.  The book can also be downloaded for $8.99.

Here are the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: The Art of Presence

Chapter 2:  Stop or I’ll Say Stop Again

Chapter 3:  It’s Only Ice Cream

Chapter 4:  Imitation

Chapter 5: Confidence and Inquisitiveness

Chapter 6:  Decision Making

Chapter 7:  A Critical Look at Education

Chapter 8:  Patience

Chapter 9:  Discipline (Rules, Boundaries, and Consequences)

Chapter 10:  Parenting is a Full Contact Sport

Chapter 11:  Bonding (The Yolk is on Me)

Chapter 12:  Being Your Child’s Best Advocate

Chapter 13:  Athletics (Is Your Johnny/Emma Ready to go Pro)

Chapter 14:  You Are What You Eat

Chapter 15:  The Journey (Keeping it in Perspective)

Chapter 16:  Handling Arguments in the Home

Chapter 17:  Overcoming the Perceived Pointless

Chapter 18:  Fast as a Keystroke

Chapter 19:  Bullying (Past and Present)

Chapter 20:  Passing the “Test” of Children

Chapter 21:  Modeling

Chapter 22:  Reflection

Chapter 23:  Affection

Chapter 24:  Setting Goals and Meeting Expectations

Chapter 25:  Recognition and Constructive Criticism

Final Thoughts