About Me

For those of you who are new- welcome.

For those of you who followed me through www.tantrumstroublesandtreasures.blogspot.com, welcome back.

I am the author of Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures parenting book (A Guide to Parenting in the 21st Century).  I am also a proud stay at home father.

I have worked with kids about 16 years from three different settings.  The first was at St. Joseph Children’s Home.  This was a place abused kids went after being permanently separated from their parents.  Most of my parenting skills were developed here.  The kids I worked with ages ranged from 3-15.

Afterwards, I became an elementary public school teacher.  I taught for 7 years from 1st through 4th grade.

Finally, I have two boys (Cameron age 7 and Luke age 4).

I have been married for 10 years to my beautiful wife Lauren.  Though my parenting skills were learned at St. Joseph, my wife has been the inspiration to writing the book and sharing my insights with all of you.    To her, I am eternally thankful.