The Difference

When thinking about visiting this blog or buying Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures– the first question that comes to my mind is why?

There are a lot of great authors and parenting books to choose from.  But most I have found come from two perspectives.  The first is the educational perspective and the second is the teacher perspective.

Those books from the educational perspective (authors have a lot of letters after their name) have logged a lot of hours studying and working with kids.  They find certain trends that are fascinating and certainly worthwhile to explore. “Dr. Phil” McGraw is an example.

Other books I have found on parenting are from teachers.  These are incredible books because they have worked with many kids over an extended period of time.  They have also had direct interactions with the parents of these kids.  Michelle Bourba is an example.

You can’t go wrong reading books from these types of people because of their knowledge and insights.

To get back to the original question- why read my material or buy my book?  Though I have some similarities, what sets me apart is perspective.  Here are some examples.

1.  I was not raised with a father and still don’t know who he is today.  I can relate to single moms and dads and can tell them what their child may be feeling because I felt the same things.

2.  I worked and lived at St. Joseph Children’s Home for 3 1/2 years.  This was a place kids were sent after being removed from their families by the courts.  Some of these kids could be very difficult to work with.

I was in charge of putting these kids to bed, feeding them, disciplining them, encouraging them, coaching their basketball team, taking them to Church, and getting them mentally ready to either go into care through a foster home or (my favorite) through adoption.  Not only did I work weekends, I worked on Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, or whenever I was needed.  This type of experience can not be replicated with a Master’s or Doctorate degree.

For the record, I possess two Bachelor’s degrees (Communications and Psychology)  I also have a Master’s degree in Arts and Teaching.

3.  I was a teacher for 7 1/2 years.  Of course, this doesn’t set me apart from other teachers who write but I’ll guarantee no two teachers have had the exact same experiences.  Kids have a way of making all teachers experiences—- unique.

4.  I have been a stay at home father of two boys for the last 4+ years.  Though the numbers seem to be growing, there are not a lot of stay at home dads.  I know what it is like to juggle laundry (I get by), education (my strength), cooking (pretty good at it), and cleaning (still working on it).

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my world of Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures.