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How do you Foster the People?

It’s been a long time since I have written a post.  For all of my fans, all I can say is thanks for your patience.  My first post is a simple story about knowing what you are listening to before you promote it to your child.

There is a pop song I was fond of by a group called Foster the People called Pumped Up Kicks.  It has a good beat but I never really paid attention to it.  Over the weekend, I happened to hear it and placed it on my Rhapsody account.  The problem was that a lot of the words were difficult for me to understand.  Therefore, I went to my Iphone and downloaded a free app called Lyrics. (pretty convenient and I highly recommend it to all parents) Read more

The Achievement Gap

This is one of those controversial topics where people in power tread lightly.  Why is there an achievement gap?  What can be done to turn it around?  No matter where you live, I am sure this is a serious topic of conversation. Unfortunately, I can’t give you all the answers.  Regardless, here are some things I couldn’t tell you when I was a teacher but can share with you now.

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Teachable Moments

Good early morning to all!  Have you ever had an idea so obvious- you felt like you were slapped in the face with it?Yesterday- that’s exactly what happened to me.  The idea for this article came from the sky- literally!  Once it hit me, I knew what I wanted to write.  What you will find inside is a real key to education seldom discussed.

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Underlying Problems

St. Joseph Children’s Home was the place where I learned many of skills pertaining to how to work with difficult children.  There were certain house parents who did a great job with these children and others who struggled.  I worked hard to learn from the best.  It is my intent in the article to give you an inside look at a parenting strategy used.  One of the tricks to dealing with misbehavior is to find and correct as many underlying problems as possible.  When this is accomplished , a parent will either reduce the size and scope of the problem or eliminate it.

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Changing the Ratios in Education

For today’s topic, I want to take a broad view of education and slowly knock it down to the nuts and bolts in our homes.  As a former teacher, I’ve seen how things work.  Implementing the ideas I am presenting will give your child a decided advantage over his/her peers.

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Inventive Spelling

Happy Friday to all of you.  Today’s education blog is going to give you an inside look to what is going on in some schools around the country.  Unfortunately, it’s a trend which is not helping our children.  I believe when parents are informed- children will benefit so let’s dive in.

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Note of Apology

There has been a death in my family.  Therefore, I do not have an article ready.  Thank you for your understanding and I will check in again with you next Friday.

Best wishes to you,

Clayton Paul Thomas

At What Point Should Children Earn Recognition

We are living in an age where red pens are not allowed to be used by some teachers in schools because the ink gives the wrong message.  We are also living in a time when everyone on a youth sports team receives a trophy no matter the team’s record or the child’s contribution. Finally, we are living in a moment where teachers aren’t allowed to fail a child in some schools. I don’t have the definitive answer as to when recognition should be given.  That answer comes down to your core values as a parent.  What I can do though is to tell you how the best parents I have ever seen work with this issue and how your humble writer approaches the issue with his own children.

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The Most Overlooked Report Card Truths

If you are like most parents with school aged children, you have either received a child’s second report card recently or will be receiving it very soon.  For some of you, this will be a time of joy and for others; a time for concern.  I have been through the highs and lows of report cards.  As a former teacher, I obviously had to give them to each student.  As a parent, the only thing that has changed is that I am on the receiving end.  Today’s post is meant to highlight what this particular report card really means and how to help your child get a jump start on the next term no matter the final grades.

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4 Ways to Help Shy Children Make Friends

Today’s article is going to focus on shyness.  Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of experience with this as a youngster.  It’s my contention that a child isn’t born shy or outgoing.  There are specific reasons a child develops these traits.  Though I may not be able to turn a shy child into the life of the party immediately, I hope what you are about to read can assist you with how these traits can happen and how to help a shy child be a bit more outgoing.

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