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Teaching Hatred Through Sports

Rivalries in sports are as old as the sports themselves.  We love cheering our team on to victory and (on occasion) smashing the other team’s dreams.  There is a line though which is crossed a lot which (at the least) is unhealthy.  The line I am referring to happens with our children  in the arena of sports all the time. Specifically, when a parent teaches their child to hate a rival.

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How do you Foster the People?

It’s been a long time since I have written a post.  For all of my fans, all I can say is thanks for your patience.  My first post is a simple story about knowing what you are listening to before you promote it to your child.

There is a pop song I was fond of by a group called Foster the People called Pumped Up Kicks.  It has a good beat but I never really paid attention to it.  Over the weekend, I happened to hear it and placed it on my Rhapsody account.  The problem was that a lot of the words were difficult for me to understand.  Therefore, I went to my Iphone and downloaded a free app called Lyrics. (pretty convenient and I highly recommend it to all parents) Read more

Teachable Moments

Good early morning to all!  Have you ever had an idea so obvious- you felt like you were slapped in the face with it?Yesterday- that’s exactly what happened to me.  The idea for this article came from the sky- literally!  Once it hit me, I knew what I wanted to write.  What you will find inside is a real key to education seldom discussed.

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4 Ways to Help Shy Children Make Friends

Today’s article is going to focus on shyness.  Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of experience with this as a youngster.  It’s my contention that a child isn’t born shy or outgoing.  There are specific reasons a child develops these traits.  Though I may not be able to turn a shy child into the life of the party immediately, I hope what you are about to read can assist you with how these traits can happen and how to help a shy child be a bit more outgoing.

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Setting Expectations

Have you ever wondered if you were being too tough or too easy on your child?  It’s a very common problem with parents.  How do you push without being pushy?  How do you know when to take charge and when to back off?  These are not easy answers but after reading this article; you should feel more confident in what you are doing while understanding when to make adjustments.

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The Most Overlooked Consequence of Television on Children

The television in today’s home can mean so many things. For some, it’s a status symbol. For others, it’s instant babysitting when a parent needs a break. Most of us also wouldn’t dispute the entertainment value. But, there’s a hidden consequence not talked about often which may have you think twice before your child watches the next latest greatest show.

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Guilty Mom Complex

Today’s blog is meant to answer a parenting question from one of my readers. “Barb” asks, “How can I not feel guilty as a mom because I can’t do it all?” She is married, works full time, and has 3 children. She feels she never has the time to accomplish all the things she wants to do in her professional and personal life.

Barb’s story and general question is all too familiar for a lot of us- not just moms. Some of us struggle to put in the time needed at work with the time wanted at home. Keeping the house clean, maintaining a social life, and spending quality time with our children/spouse is hard. Oh, I almost forgot that some of us would like to do more volunteer work in our places of worship or communities. The burden can feel very heavy at times.

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Protecting Children from Monsters

In light of the headlines coming from Penn. State University and the horrific events which appear to have happened, I’d like to relay a quick story and the lesson I learned when it comes to the suspected abuse of children.

I don’t want to assume everyone knows this story so here’s the short version. An assistant coach named Jerry Sandusky is being charged with sexually abusing minors in the locker room of Penn State. These actions happened on several occasions over the course of years. Coach Joe Paterno was notified of what was going on but to what extent isn’t clear. It was enough though for him to report the matter to his athletic director. What happened afterwards is nothing short of a major cover up. The weeks and months ahead though will most likely shed more light on what is already a heinous tragedy. Here is a timeline as to what has happened.

In my opinion, this is a sad time for Paterno because of the legacy he built at Penn State. But, it also reminds me of a story that happened in my teaching career which could have served Paterno well.

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Sports Leagues for Children

I feel that sports are a great addition to the maturation process for any child capable of playing.  But where a child plays is equally as important as the sport itself.

Some leagues are geared to be competitive.  Catholic school sports (in my area) are the first that come to mind-especially in the middle school years.  Their goal is to win each game and play the best players in order to achieve their means.  Systems are taught but all players aren’t “developed.” The players that coaches concentrate on are the ones again to achieve the final goal of winning. It seems to me the development of a player is more in the hands of the parents.  This was true when I was young and I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary.

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4th and Goal

The readers who have visited my blog know my passion is parenting.  I LOVE being a dad and I love to watch other parents work their magic.  Sometimes, I see things that make me cringe.  Today’s post though is going to relay a story that gives me yet another assurance that this parenting stuff really work.

Last weekend, my son and I worked together on catching passes before his flag football game.  A boy I’ll call Jack wanted to play with us.  I’ve known Jack several weeks.  He’s a nice child but is a little temperamental at times.

We played a game where my son played offense and Jack played defense on him at the two yard line and I gave each child 4 downs to score a touchdown.  My son was able to score on Jack so now it was Jack’s turn to play offense.  Jack did a great job of getting away from Cameron on 1st down but was unable to catch my pass so we moved to 2nd down.

2nd and 3rd down were a bit rougher for Jack because my child played better defense.  It didn’t help that on third down- a clown could have thrown the football better than me.  Therefore, we moved to 4th down.

On 4th down, both children worked hard.  I held the ball for a while because I really wanted Jack to score.  In the end though, my son’s defense was tough and my throw was a hair off.  The result was an incomplete pass.

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