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The Foreign Language Every Parent Must Learn

Today, I am going to teach, test, and have a little fun with you.  We’re going to play a game.  Let me start by asking a simple question.  Which foreign language is the most important in today’s climate?  Spanish? Chinese? French?  Which do you think your kids are learning the fastest?  Have your answer yet?  All right, let’s move forward.

I’m going to contend that your answer isn’t the same as mine.  That’s because, to the best of my knowledge, the foreign language I’m thinking of doesn’t have an official name.  Yet, kids younger and younger are picking up on it faster and faster.  Though I am a novice, this language certainly has my attention.  With time, I’m going to get better at it and I believe you should consider doing the same.

The language I’m thinking of is a combination of codes, acronyms, and lingo used when kids text, Facebook, and tweet each other.  They can also be found in chat rooms on computers located in your home or most certainly of someone you know.  I’m calling this language Codecronym.  (Code+Acronym)  It may be a bit cheesy but it will have to do.

The reason why Codecronyms are used has a dual purpose.  The first is that it’s fun to talk and write in different ways.  Many of us may remember Pig Latin from childhood.  Though it may have been ridiculous, I’ll bet many of you at least tried it.  The second reason though is for confidentiality.  Even if a kid is caught using codecronyms, few parents or teachers could decipher it which is precisely the point.

Time to have some fun and teach you basic components of the Codecronym language.  Let’s start with some easy ones.

BFF- This stands for Best Friends Forever.

TTYL- Talk to you later

LMAO- Laughing my a** off.

Pretty easy, right?  Betting that many of you use these, let’s go a little deeper.

POS or PLOS- Parent over shoulder/ Piece of sh*t.  Depends on the context.  My wife mentioned PLOS which I am including.  This is Parents looking over shoulder.

PHAT- Pretty hot and tempting

The language is evolving which really makes this a bit complicated for me.  Here are some examples.

143- I love you.

182- I hate you.

420- Marijuana

RUH- Are you horny?

GYPO- Get your pants off.

It’s my opinion that texts and chat rooms are fair game for parents.  Yes, it’s an invasion of privacy in one sense but, until my children leave my home, I have an obligation to love and protect them.  If you saw my last post (http://www.claytonpaulthomas.com/archives/211), you’ll remember the story of the “f” bomb being used by a child in a parent’s home.  That language is not allowed in my home no more than someone sending unacceptable messages through an electronic device.  Let me give you a few more before I wrap this up.

GNOC- Get naked on cam.

LMIRL- Let’s meet in real life.

WYRN- What’s your real name?

Zerg- It means to gang up on someone.  It doesn’t quite fit in this post but still a term you should know.

Before I go, I’d like to thank a couple of websites for their help.  I highly insist you bookmark them to get updates and to learn more about this topic.  The first is http://www.sharpened.net/acronyms.  The second is http://www.netlingo.com/top50/acronyms-for-parents.php.  I’m not foolish enough to believe I can protect my kids from everything coming into my home.  But, I am responsible enough to know it is my job as a parent to try.

For those of you who regularly keep up with my work, I will be reposting an earlier blog this Friday.  This is the weekend of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.  There will be out of town guests, parties, and fun.  I will have a new topic next Tuesday and I hope you will come back and enjoy.

I’ll have to learn how to do this in a more colorful way but the new addition to my blog (located on the right) is my twitter address and my Facebook fan page.  I’ve also been informed my Feedburner link isn’t working so Twitter and Facebook will have to do.  Here are the addresses.

Twitter: @claylauren2001  Facebook fan page: claytonpaulthomas

All my best and I hope you have a great week.  It’s time for me to start chillaxin.  (Chilling and Relaxing)

Don’t forget to pass this along to another parent or teacher who would enjoy it!!!

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