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"This Sucks"

How do you define inappropriate language in your home?  What are the consequences for inappropriate language?  Why does inappropriate language and the consequences matter?  These were three questions I had to answer recently.  Here’s the story.

I was at my kitchen table writing an email while my eldest son was pretend playing in the television area.  Out of the blue, I heard him say, “This sucks.”  While some readers of today’s post may disagree over whether the word is inappropriate, “Sucks” is inappropriate language in my home.  On the spot, my child was placed into time out followed by a long “daddy stare.”

When I released him from time out, I asked what he did wrong and he absolutely had no idea.  Calmly, I explained what he said and why I felt it was inappropriate.  He listened, understood, and then returned to what he was originally doing.

When I mentioned it to my wife, she told me that he probably got it from the movie Madagascar 2.  Although my wife didn’t share as strong a sentiment on the word, she understood the point I was making.  I doubt if most people would use that language with their priest, a potential employer, or a client they may be doing business with. I wonder as well how many teachers would use the word in front of their class.

I feel like inappropriate language should be identified with children.  If my child didn’t learn the lesson from me, who would I expect them to learn the lesson from?  As far as giving a time out versus a warning, that was my parental prerogative.  (For the 80’s generation reading this- pun intended in reference to former pop singer Bobby Brown)

Maybe you agree with me or maybe you don’t on the word in question.  That’s fine.  We could probably debate the word all day long.  What I would say though is that I feel like lines in the sand have to be drawn with children in terms of what is acceptable and unacceptable language.  Allowing pop culture, friends, or other outside influences to dictate right and wrong is a mistake.  I would be willing to bet that any parent who does not draw these lines in the sand will be dealing with much greater issues than the word “Sucks” as time goes on.

Thanks for reading!  If you feel like I do, please pass this article along.  More of you are doing this and the added exposure to the messages of this blog is really appreciated.

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