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Sink or Swim?

I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July.  Because it’s the summer, many parents are taking their children swimming.  I’m glad they are doing because it’s great fun not to mention wonderful exercise for the children.

I want to tell you a quick story though that I hope keeps you a bit more vigilant at the pool. A couple of years ago, I was with my youngest child (who was two at the time) at a place called Calypso Cove.  This is a pool for smaller children that have a couple of slides for bigger kids.

I was walking with my boy in what couldn’t have been more than a foot of water.  Being “Mr. Independent,” he didn’t want to hold my hand.  This was fine but I still stood right beside him.  In a flash, he slipped and fell backwards.  For a moment, he was looking up at me underwater literally drowning.  Of course, I scooped him up and everything was fine. The image though of him looking up at me from under the water is one I’ve never been able to shake.

When you’re at the pool, please watch your child closely and don’t get too caught up in conversations with others.  Tragedy often strikes when we, as parents, aren’t paying enough attention.

Although this advice is easy to understand, it’s more difficult when we are talking to our friends at the pool about the latest gossip. It’s also tempting to talk to our spouses (who we often don’t spend enough time with) and taking our eye off the ball.  For the single parents, I’m fully aware it’s tempting to people watch and take your eyes off your child.  All I’m saying is please be careful.  Remember that although nothing happened to my child at the pool, I was probably seconds away from telling you a different and very tragic story.  Let’s have fun at the pool and have a terrific summer!!!

I’ll be writing to you again on Friday.  Until then, be safe.

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