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One night as I was about to fall asleep, I thought about things that make a child really good or really bad.  As I often do, I let my mind wander until I thought about the concept of momentum and how important it really is.

Children are always having messages sent to them rapidly.  I am arguing that over time the child takes the messages into their mind, evaluates them, and some eventually become part of their belief system.  In saying this, I also believe that there is a positive momentum built each time a parent acknowledges something good about a child.  That acknowledgement causes a child to want to continue doing the positive thing.  The momentum cycle will continue as long as the child is receiving the reinforcement needed.

Let’s look at this practically and it’s easy to see why this is so important.  When a child is constantly told they are beautiful, loved, and/or smart, they will eventually believe it.  The only time this belief may be rattled could be when an outside influence such as bullies, the media, or possibly even a teacher tells them otherwise.  As a parent, I want to build my children up as much as possible.  I want them to believe in themselves so they will have the confidence to do something they set their mind to doing.

The converse of this is when a parent either doesn’t praise their child or is even neutral.  Neutrality doesn’t build momentum.  In my opinion, a parent who doesn’t constantly praise their children for good work will impede any momentum previously gathered.

If you want a child to be more athletic, work with him/her and give praise when appropriate at every opportunity.  The same can be said for education.  In other words, be a momentum builder- not a momentum breaker.

Quality children don’t pop out of the womb.  They are molded and taught by caring and loving people.  When a child hears enough praise, they will believe it and will want to continue to do things which give them more praise.  I know you’ll find that once the momentum is truly built, you will have a very exciting child to work with!

My next post will be on Friday.  Until then, I hope you have many terrific moments with a child you love.

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